Coctel de Camarones con Aderezo de Aguacate
 Shrimp Cocktail  with Avocado Dressing


Serves 10


2-1/2  pound small shrimp (prawns)

5 cups fish stock or bottled clam juice

1 bouquet garni

5 large avocados

2 onions

2 cloves garlic

2-1/2  cups thick cream (Crème fraiche)

2 chiliies Serrano, seeds and membranes removed

5 tablespoons lime juice

2 cups olive oil

Limes and parsley for garnish

  1. In a covered saucepan, poach the shrimp in the stock with the bouquet garni. When the shrimp are cooked, in 2-3 minutes, drain, remove their shells and refrigerate.
  2. While the shrimp cool, prepare the dressing by pureeing the remaining ingedrients ina blender until a velvety texture is achieved.  Arrange alternated layers of shrimp and dressing in tall glasses. Refrigerate until ready to serve.  Garnish with lime wedges and parsley.