Ham and Melon

 Serves 6

This is certainly one of the best-known Italian summer hors d’oeuvres. The ham produced in San Daniele, in the Friuli region, is considered to be the best, but the most famous without doubt is that of Parma.

In Tuscany the ham is saltier; sometimes it is made from wild boar in which case it is very lean and full of flavor

1 large ripe cantaloupe or honeydew melon
freshly ground pepper

2 slices prosciutto

 Cut the melon into 12 slivers, removing the seeds.  Peel the slices being careful to leave the skin intact.

Arrange the skins radiating out from the center of a serving plate. Wrap each sliver of melon with a piece of prosciutto an place on top of each sliver of skin ( see picture). Sprinkle with pepper.

Chill well and serve.