Jan 7th - Elaine and Lloyd
Feb 4th - Barb and Larry
Mar 4th -  Rose and Duane
Apr 1st - Barb and Charlie
May 6th - Gail and Denny
Jun 4th - Out to Dinner
Sep 2nd - Rose and Duane
Oct14th Gail and Denny
Nov 4th - Barb and Charlie
Dec 2 - Elaine and Lloyd

Jan 6th Barb and Larry
Feb 3rd Rose and Duane
Mar 3rd Gail and Denny
April 7th Barb and Charlie
May 5th Elaine and Lloyd
Jun 2nd Out to Dinner
Sep 1st Barb and Larry
Oct 6th Rose and Duane
Nov 3rf Gail and Denny
Dec 1st Barb and Charlie